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You are strapped into a chair, you must jiggle yourslef free, but don't cause the precariously balanced bomb to fall while your at it. Another Ludum Dare 48 hour Game, this is their 27th competition. "Action Movie : The Game" has everything you could ever want in a game, explosions, fast cars, and escapes. All of it crammed into the theme of "10 Seconds."

This time around I made the game using Haxe, OpenFL(formerly NME), and HaxeFlixel. Though due to bad planning on my part, getting it all set up ate into my development time by a couple hours. I also used for art (though I know it looks so good it's hard to tell that it's not photoshop) and audacity for audio.

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I'm pretty happy with this score, it's clear that the audio and graphics are a bit lacking, and if I want to do well in these competitions I will have to take some time to practice. I'm surprised I did so well in Humor, as the game is not supposed to be funny. The Theme score is good, but I thought I would get better, I will have to take a look at the top scoring theme games to figure out where I went wrong.