Kradens Crypt

A 2D Dungeon crawler where your mouse movements control your weapons! The concept and art for this game are by Sam and Peter Foster. Music and sound by Brett Coop. Coming to Steam 2016!
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Made for CalCade2016 Game Jam to be played on an arcade machine. Music by Kevin Stebner. If the audio doesn't play reinstall directX 9c.

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Bit of Farming

Peter Foster and Brett Coop helped me put together this little game for Lor Rez Jam 2016. The requirement was to build a game in 64 by 64 pixels. I had big dreams and not much time but was able to get something together.

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Super Super Super Super

I had a chance to do Global Game Jam 2015 (themed "What do we do now?") with the very talented Danniel Linnsen and we managed this fun little 4 player game.



This Ludum Dare I made a game that crashed and burned and wasn't going to finish so I switched from the 48 hour solo competition to the 72 hour team competition and made this in that last day. Sam and Peter Foster helped with sound, music, and art. It's a bit of a strech for the theme "An Unconventional Weapon" but the collecting and upgrades work well and I would love to polish and release this game.

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Action Movie: The Game

You are strapped into a chair, you must jiggle yourslef free, but don't cause the precariously balanced bomb to fall while your at it. Another Ludum Dare 48 hour Game, this is their 27th competition. "Action Movie : The Game" has everything you could ever want in a game, explosions, fast cars, and escapes. All of it crammed into the theme of "10 Seconds."

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Boximalism (Block Party)

Boximalism is my entry for the the 48 hour programming competition Ludum Dare. The theme for the contest (and my game) was Minimalism. This was my first time using NME for Haxe, developed using the Flash Develop IDE.

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Moon Bus

Moon Bus is a 4 player arcade style game about driving a bus on the moon. This is my first complete game which I have put up for sale.

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D'Pirate Sausage

This is a game designed to replicate sailboat racing. There is no collision detection and you are expected to apply the racing rules of sailing verbally. Up to 5 people can play on the same keyboard, as the only controls are turn left or turn right. Since most keyboards can only handle 4 simultaneous key presses this does result in some key blocking but this has become an accepted part of the game. One of the biggest comments on this game is that it should have wind shadows where one sail blocks wind on another sail.

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Pirate Pirate

This is an arcade style game I worked on with my buddy Ryan where 4 players fight for gold. The game is currently on hold but I may pick it up again in the future. The next big feature is to add ship upgrades where the gold may be spent. Playtesting for this game was very positive.

HMS Lance

This is my entry in my first Ludum Dare (48 coding competition). Yes, some of the art is horrible but I ran out of time! There are three ways to die: by colliding with the rocks, by getting shot by a cannon, and by being shot by musket fire. The musket shot death happens if you sail too close to the ship, though there is no good indicator of this and I feel the game would be better without it.
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Critter Swarm

This is a group project I worked on for Global Game Jam 2011 (48 hour time limit). You can use an xbox 360 controller to control two seperate points of the group of critters, this allows you to stretch them out into a line and move that line in any direction. I wrote most of the code that controls how the critters move. If we had more time we would have added in some obstacles that showcase the interesting control scheme.
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This is a group project I worked on for Global Game Jam 2012 (48 hour time limit). You are a snake and you wrap around the prey to "eat" them. It is basically a glorified version of the old snake game. We were going to make it similar to Katamari Damace where the larger you get the larger the prey you can eat, but after spending a day sorting out problems with our tools we ran out of time.
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