D'Pirate Sausage



  • All boats can be controlled from one keyboard.
  • Steer the boats left or right, and the wind will do the rest.
  • The arrow in the top left of the sceen points in the direction that the wind is moving (click to disable.)

The Course

  • Press the race button to start a race. When the timer hits 0 you can cross the start line (orange line in the middle, cross going up the screen.)
  • After going through the start line sail up to the top mark, going around it from right to left.
  • Then sail to the bottem mark going around it from left to right.
  • Sail back up through the start line to finish.

Boat Controls

  • red - down arrow and right arrow
  • brown - 1 and Q
  • green - Z and X
  • pink - B and N
  • purple - O and P

Other Information

  • The orange dashed lines around the marks are for the 2 boat length rule, and are only important if you understand "the Racing Rules of Sailing."
  • Do not point straight into the wind (blue arrow) because it is slow.
  • When my friends and I play we use the rules of sailing. They are pretty complicated but you can start out by learning your Starboard Port rule, and applying it (boats on starboard have right of way.)
  • If you hit another boat or a mark you have to spin your boat around in a circle completing a full 360 degrees.
  • HAVE FUN, and make up your own rules depending on who you are playing with.
If you cannot see the flash app download flash player here Flash Player Download Page